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association of new york here in new york city are getting taxpayer dollars. yet we don't know if they're actually doing anything with that money. john: its new groups. not the same thing. >> the same directors, the same tax i.d. numbers, the same employee edification numbers. in many cases the same employees >> congress cuts them off and they just change names. >> i can tell you that when i were to the house oversight committee as an investigator we went to the inspector general's office, and an auditor told the committee staff when we found direct evidence of acorn housing misusing federal grant money, the auditor said, look, is $10 million. a $10 million grant. when you're dealing with that little amount of money we don't actually conducted on. as the state of affairs. john: but these are poverty workers. i assume most of them are helping people. there are a few bad apples. but so what if it's the same people. there were not all trying to help the fake punt break the law . >> these organizations are about politics, and that is white special concern if they are getting our tax dollar
the boss of a big piece of the welfare state, the new york city human resources administration. the rich array employs 15,000 people who give benefits to my neighbors, food stamps, home care, job centers and someone, commissioner robert door runs the office. so welcome, commissioner. i appreciate you coming on my show. >> thank you for having me. john: i admire you for trying, but my assumption is that your -- [applause] john: you have 15,000 employees. i assume they want to help people and they direct the jobs, but teen years and their civil servants just going through the motions. you can't fire the bad ones. >> we have something called jobs data. we call our said directors of a monthly basis and ask them how they're doing getting people to work. we set a goal. 85,000 last year. we did it in there on track to do it this year. john: placements meeting. >> getting employment. john: it does not need -- >> not everybody steps up and we have people who this is -- program to assist people. we stress work and require it. john: have your 15,000 employees , can you fire bad ones? without going
. it is a key battleground state. fox business is choosing great american cities like cleveland and our open for business series to talk about no matter what the economic atmosphere, companies are making it happen. cleveland was a stop in my career. back in the early 90s. i covered everything. it was a big story, marsh fires. i was at hurricane andrew. i know, the hair, please. and that outfit. category five hurricane. i got to cover all the biggest stories. i knew cleveland was a great city for business. keep in mind, ohio, a key battleground state. you saw how many times ohio was mentioned last night. already, we have spoken to the brand new billionaire owner of the cleveland brown's. he is from knoxville, tennessee. telling me this is it. he will make the browns a winning team. mark shapiro, the president of the cleveland indians. his team is facing, yes i know, major league. it goes back many centuries. many decades. this is one of the original american league teams. i asked him who will get the manager spot. of course, there is a position open. we are live at the rock 'n roll hall of fa
♪ liz: you have developed the rain here in cleveland. this great american city that is open for business. good afternoon everybody. this is countdown to the closing valve. we are right on the waterfront in cleveland for day to. big news today. the jobs report for the month of september. the economy added about 114,000 jobs for the month. unexpectedly bringing the unemployment rate down to 7.8%. the best we have seen in several years. frankly, what better place to be had here in the buckeye state. number four nationwide in an employment rate. business is booming in cleveland. we have even more of the cities top names in business for you. we have been here all day. only one thing president obama and mitt romney agreed on at the debate is that the cleveland clinic is doing healthcare right. coming up this hour, we are speaking to a doctor at the cleveland clinic about his prime time shot up and more importantly what about what mitt romney has said about getting rid of the healthcare brand in the healthcare law that the president has pushed forward. he has some interesting point
is open for business. liz claman in the heart of the city. what makes their city the place to be? liz: you should be here. this is a rock and roll hall of fame at huge tourist attraction. look what i got you. and he was two years old. and this was the best. and kevin magee founded in the gift shop. and jimmy hendrix which you saw him singing the national anthem. and we can hear all day long, the business of ohio and cleveland, and come from this town that hired more than a thousand people and the horse shoe casino and the big constitution, bring the business to cleveland and the general manager and how well this business does and is doing well means how much more they will lead to their job rolls in ohio. and that is when governor john k kasic became governor. this was 48 in the nation and ohio is fourth in the nation. a fox business exclusive. dave: one small correction, jimi hendrix did not sing the star spangled banner. and get down to business, pushing higher without three major indices. and ended in positive territory boosting the s&p 2 with 4 straight day of gains. and factory orders
? >> absolutely, most of these cities are cash strapped. they're financially mismanaged and it's an opportunity for them to put one more hand in the taxpayers' pockets. look, the root of this is not that they ned more money, they need to spend what they have more efficiently and overburdened with pensions they can't pay and they have too many government employees on the payroll and they're badly run, and asking a taxpayer to fund government inefficiency is the wrong way to go. >> brenda: well, jonas, we're already paying taxes, isn't that supposed to be covering what we get for this? >> well, those income taxes are artificially low. a lot of states like california are putting through a lot of tax increases. and we talked about the president, but california has a proposition to super tax million dollar earners, you need regress seive taxes to go along with that, and charging fees for all the things the states are paying for, roads, bridges, i'm all for it because you can't just squeeze the same group for higher income taxes, and called broaden the base. >> brenda: you like that idea. >> i late t
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to make sure your city can let your money. unfair ractic. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related boneractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. gerri: the recipe for job growth that might surprise you. many employers are cutting back. restaurants across the country are heading toward their strong this year and hiring in nine years. to give you a taste, americans stepped out to eat a whopping 61 billion times, and the industry is set to recover $600 billion in sales. phar-mor, ct -- cocke restaurants joining me now. great to see you. what is going on here? >> good to see you. thanks. gerri: i thought that consumers are, you know, not in a great mood, not spending money. they are spending money on eating out. why? >> a couple of things. in a recession you may not buy a new shirt or a new dress or put off buying the new car, but you're not going to put
forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. neil: cities and states are struggling and union pension costs keep rising. jim demint is trying to stop government from bailing out those plans if they go bust. the struggling economy will be a big focus tomorrow night. and that is the arizona mayor. ahead of the big debate. pushing for bipartisan solutions. mayor, it's very good to have you. both sides talking and moving the ball forward. what kind of progress are you making? >> well, we make a lot of progress, on the mayor side. we talk as mayors and not as democrats or republicans. it is funny, you come up with solutions and come up with ways to work together. it's a novel approach. neil: what is the ratio these days that you are finding agreement on that when washington they just can't come to the agreement of spending versus revenue or even what kind of spending and what kind of revenue. how are our uber perceiving or would he recommend and? >> in the cities we don't have the luxury of taking things down the road. we have to balance the their budgets. which means tha
kerkorian is a gas station owner fr city. sam, thanks foru're angry about this. you probably heard our last of people blame gas station owners. is that the thing i don't like. always gas station people getting blame he says gas stati, price is gouging that is true but not all of us. i mean because we got quotas what it is costing us how much making a profit and how much is killing us. some of the gas stations yes, are taking advantage out of this situation and they jacking up their prices. but like me now, i have to compete with ao across the street from me, almost same price me and arco. difference of seven cents a gallon. melissa: are you making money or losing money in the environment. >> tell you the truth i'm making money but it is not enough. i'm making two or three cents a gallon. melissa: how much do you have to make in order to cover your costs? >> like 15 cents a gallon. melissa: do you see prices going higher from here or lower? what are your wholesalers telling you as you gout there trying to get gas. >> i'm getting good news it will get lower but when, i don't know, possibly ma
, you have seen the city go through ups, major downs and, also, more downs than ups. >> again, that is why we are supporting education. we can do all the development and it will have its own shelf life. if you want to sustain those investments over a long period of time, education is the key and people make decisions for their work, live, locate their business, where they invest. all of that is around education. there is not two separate things. it is the same thing. we operate as a community. liz: we like cleveland. it is less expensive. we cannot ask people to move their entire family. if we cannot say the school system is pretty decent or at least on par, which it is not, you are hoping to get a levy passed on election night, how much money are you asking taxpayers to step up forugh ours are not doing well in general, there are some very good school and some very real success stories. we want to make that something that is normal throughout the district. liz: joe, you are the business had here. how do you apply the business to running a school district? do you have ideas? i
remembering steve jobs one year after his death and open for business in this city of cleveland. liz claman is there with the story of one company developing big returns for its shareholders. dagen: stocks now as we do every 15 minutes. nicole petallides has news on starbucks today. nicole: i am at the starbucks here on the floor of the stock exchange in order to tell you this news. you may not believe it but turns out starbucks is opening yet more stores and we feel there may be one on every block in manhattan they will lead 1,000 more stores in the united states in the next five years. locations will employ 20 workers each so that is one piece of good news and another is they are continuing to upgrade in technology in that the payments you can do instant payments with those square and you will do the tipping service as well. you have seen a lot of people using iphones so it is another advancement in your way to pay for your cakes and cookies and maybe i need another one or maybe not. dagen: the unemployment rate falling to 7.8% where it was in january of 2009 but california seeing major j
reversioning that. will we ever? >> we have to. we have to. neil: i know that, but we don't. >> in the city of los angeles, we cut our structural deficit from $1.2 billion to $250 million. the federal government is going to have to put a plan to do that. i hope that after the election, they'll do that together, democrat and republican. neil: the seminole moment when you asked the public unions as a democrat that we have to do something. the direction we are going is not good. you got concessions out of them, but you didn't bludgeon them. what did you do? >> got to go from 6% to 11%, current employees, saving us about $3 billion. neil: you sold it on the notion -- >> income and protection security -- neil: in other words, may way or you could lose everything? >> go it this way or you could lose everything. neil: chris chris kristy is arg. what's going on here? >> i think when you a mayor, a governor, you understand that you got to chart a sustainable path forward. you can't keep on having deficits that undermind the economy, and undermind your state's ability to pay for important services li
against the city to ask for the pension increase, union recruiting. been a they accept patrolling the streets. john: phoenix, arizona many test to full-time union work? >> yes. over 2,000 hours per year allocated. john: how much work could there be? >> there is no end. john: it is a slush fund. >> amounting $1 million per year to seven tax payers pay 40 -- $4 million for release time. >> we have no idea what they are doing. but not with their hired to do. >> john gage says quality, productivity, effic iency, year after year and department after department is not possible without official time. >> i would say some bureaucrats are not better off but every hour were diverted away is a serious loss. these folks are earning the same pensions as those who are risking their lives every day. >> you are the first person to challenge? >> they unions do not publicize. it would be embarrassing. >> but to argue against the taxpayer? >> they are paid to negotiate and in the city takes the opposite position. john: paying officers not to do the work. >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop on
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for just 150 bucks t has city officials up in arms. details on all the doors this is going to open, coming up next. >>> plus, what do you get when you combine the nfl and the victoria secret? maybe the best business idea of the year at least. we'll explain that and show you more gra taught tus video and -- gratuitous video and many more shots like that apparently. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. ♪ . so time for a little fun with spare change today. we're jned by our very own emac as we call her, liz macdonald. ashley websr i found out we call a-web. >> a-web, among other things. melissa: retired locksmith is selling these five keys for $150 on ebay. it is actually a deal. get this. the keys could knock out power to municipal buildings and skyscrapers in new york city. whoever buys these keys could control practically
, and home prices not only rising, but in some cities, they are at the highest levels ever. next, how home buyers and homeowners benefit from these peaks. 0t[h7 gerri: home prices hitting all-time highs all across the country. what's driving them? find out in 10 minutes. gerri: tonight, home prices hitting all-time highs in dozens of cityings across the u.s. according to mortgage tracker lending processing services. what parts of the country are seeing the biggest gains? what's spurring it? here with more, the chief economist of trulia. thank you for being with us tonight. we appreciate it. where are the places doing so well? >> thanks for having me back, gerri. some places doing well, prices back to where they were, places like pittsburgh, austin, and denver. places you don't think of together in the same sentence, but they all saw relatively small price declines in the housing crisis. it's not taken that big of an increase now to get back to the highest prices, almost ever, in some of the markets. gerri: all right. look at the ones with the biggest price gains. detroit and phoenix, and
/11 happened in new york city, they waved the-- said this is too serious a problem, we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own, forget that, that dollar you've got to put in. here is $10 and that's the right thing to do. when hurricane andrew struck in florida, people said, look at this devastation. we don't expect to you come up with your money here, here is the money to rebuild. we're not going to wait for to you scratch it together because you're part of the american family. what's happening down in new orleans? where is your dollar? where is your stafford act money? tells me-- have been taken out. how they justify raising taxes on the middle class, buried for the last four years. stuart: that's the back drop of the debate. and this is the latest poll, president obama with a 3 point lead, that's down from the 5 point lead about ten days ago, two weeks ago, we put that entire tape of president obama on our facebook page, please check it out and tell us what you think and we'll read comments in the next hour. vice-president joe biden says the middle class has been buried the past
of the great come from this great city of cleveland ohio. we are joined now by the ceo of playhouse square, sort of a grouping of five different venues that have been around since early 1900s. thank you for joining us. >> nice to be with you. liz: well, you know, in new york it is all about broadway but when you talk to people who are in the know about theater, they all say that the greatest plays have come through cleveland either first or right after broadway. why do you think that is? >> because cleveland is a very sophisticated theater town. we have the first repertoire theater company in the country in the cleveland playhouse. it was also the sight of a lot of shows in the 40s and 50s. liz: it was a testing ground? >> yes, it was. today because we have such a great town, we have a number of shows that want to open their national show in cleveland. we have anything goes. >> anything goes was huge. what else is coming? are you going to get something like war horse? >> we do have war horse on the series. all of northeast ohio is waiting for those tickets to go on sale. liz: i think that'
even think of the consequences of manipulating libor? for example, cities and states, higher borrowing costs because cities and states are involved in complex arrangements if you manipulate the rate down it still hurts them. did he ever think about that? did he think about the consequences? that is all mapped out in the letter. this letter is appearing on fox business we should point out one of the fascinating things in this letter he is essentially calling for tim geithner, treasury secretary, only has a few months, says he will leave in president obama wins again, calling for him to create a new interest rate, an american-based interest rate, possibly to replace libor since libor now doesn't have a lot of credibility. why didn't it have a lot of credibility? because it was manipulated. how was it manipulated? libor is not set by some computer. i always thought it was. a bunch of banks send in what they say libor should be and they do a average of those things. it is so easily manipulated as you so. melissa: apparently. now we know. >> should pay zero for our borrowing cos
million total. the requirements the state of mississippi and louisiana reimbursed 10 percent, not the city of new orleans. they had a $1 billion per year superstation surplus. normally that would collapse the finances so the government said put up your match for the levees but instead you could pay it over 30 years. he misstated the facts deliberately to say they were put upon. it was not the city but the state of louisiana. and forgiven 16 months of the fees that were waived picked up by the federal government. gerri: what about these comments? speaking to people who were on your side. that was the candidates frame of mind. did he go to far? >> absolutely. saying the bush should ministrations is bigoted. shame on him to be so racially divisive trying to get votes. what happened to the man who said he would bring us together who blames the predecessor as a racial bigot? >> vice president joe biden had comments. >> this is a deadly. how they can justify raising taxes with the middle-class over the last four years. [laughter] gerri: i could hardly believe he said that. >> the gift that keeps
have your blog news minute. fearing warplanes reportedly are pounding the city of homes. it has been one of the 18 -month-old rising against the president regime. police shot and killed a young american after he opened fire at a resort. authorities say he filled 1% in the incident appeared to be based on a personal dispute. police say the attacker stole a gun from a hotel security guard. health providers are notifying patients in nearly two dozen states that routine steroid injections may have been contaminated with meningitis. thirty-five people have become sick and five of them have died. the fda is urging doctors not use any products from the massachusetts pharmacies that supplied the steroid. those are your news headlines on the fox business network. get you back to melissa and lori. melissa: venezuelan president in the fight of his life. he is running for reelection this weekend. after 14 years in power, he may actually lose at this time. what will that mean for oil around the world? we have a professor at the university of houston and an author. thank you for joining us. we app
cities and i say, i mean spikes. look at this, up 10 cents overnight. 4.40. regular is the average there. and san jose up 9 cents at 4.37. san francisco, 9 cents. 4.43. los angeles up 8 cents, this is overnight, by the way, 4.34. and believe it or not, those prices are forecast to go as high as 4.80 by this weekend. refinery problems, up goes the price of gas in california. however, president obama will still win california by at least 10 points, hmm. what we saw in the debate last night was a stronger, more forceful mitt romney. and not just with president obama. he took control of the moderator, jim lehrer, look at this. >> jim, the president began this segment so i think i get the last word so i'm going to take it. >> you're going to get the first word in the next segment. but he gets the first word of that segment and i get-- let me just make that comment. and let me repeat what i said, i'm not in favor of a 5 trillion dollar tax cut. stuart: where was that mitt romney the entire campaign. was that the strategy, surprise people at the debate and out comes the new mitt? joining us is
this sports disappeared on my radio show. i fight for it. cities such as boston, detroit, nashville, los angeles. they're passionate about their teams. i'm telling you they continue to push the fringe fan away. they don't have a great television deal. and basic sports fans who want to watch the sport. really like the fact that the l.a. kings were the 7th team in seven years to win the stanley cup. fan interest is back. but pushing those fans away again, i'm telling you eventually they're going to kill the golden goose. melissa: what is your prediction on outcome of this one? >> here is what i think. the average hockey play play ownly 3 1/2 years. if they miss this year, they will lose 0% of the their career earnings. time for the players to give in. and take it on the chin . a lot of great hockey players are playing in russia, in europe. they have opportunities to make money globally. what i think will happen once the players lose big paychecks next couple weeks. they will tell donald fehr who represents them. do whatever you can to get a deal done. melissa: interesting. >> one last poin
the closing bell. right now the dow is down 28 points. >>> bp will sell its texas city refinery to marathon petroleum for 2 1/2 billion. the deal which is expected to close early next year also includes a portion of the british oil giant retail and logisticses network in the southeastern part of the united states. >>> general motors is revving up its workforce. they plan to hire up to 1500 employees for new information technology center in warren, michigan. this is the general motors second of four planned i.t. facilities in the u.s. that's the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper lori: finally some good news for futures market investors who had money tied up with perigrine financial. you remember last july, russell wasendorf senior attempted suicide. which resulted in discovery of a 20-year fraud and loss of $20 million. vision financial brokerage has been awarded the right to take over the thousands of customer accounts in an effort to allow perigrine customers to access funds tied up since its collapse. howard rothman is vision financial's ceo and presiden
. are you helping rochester back to the community? >> rochester is probably economically the strongest city in upstate new york. we have a lot of high-tech, fuel cell, optics. employment in rochester over the last ten years has increased and some of those areas including the world's largest premium wine company helped to offset declines in the traditional companies like kodak. rochester doing pretty well. dave: congratulations and thanks for coming. come back and see us again soon. appreciate it. forget september's low unemployment rate. we have a guest to says today's jobs report is a statistical fluke. dean baker, a co-director of the center for policy research is here to tell us why coming up next and supply disruptions, low inventory sending gas prices surging double digits. we will tell you the state getting rid of artists straight ahead in today's speed read. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our cou
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. stocks every 15 minutes. nicole: we are looking at too big names here. bp is selling texas city. a unit other texas refinery. it is valued at $2.5 billion. you can take a look at how the two stocks are faring. they are selling it over to marathon petroleum. marathon is hitting a new high. bp is pulling back one third of 1%. the deal is right in line with the expectation. a lot of folks looking at tp very closely. this is another step in the right direction. one up, one down. cheryl: thank you very much. it is time to make money with charles payne. this power he has a dirty fingernail stock for your portfolio. charles: an amazing trend this year, companies that spend money on their stocks are going up. the street really believes most of the stocks are undervalued. it is amazing. i have never seen it like this where the inquiring company, their shares go higher. cliff natural resources. my subscribers are in it. we are getting absolutely whacked in this one. you have two dynamics. you have the local situation. these guys only have one thermal mind. they are so positioned, they have mines
ordinary dog house. the hotel in new york city is a dog only hotel featuring big screen televisions. the dogs have their own spot and fitness center and personal chef. price starts at $70 a night for a standard room. if you and this week you have to shell out 200 bones. that is your fox news minute. what do you think? tracy: there are dog lovers who would do it. especially in new york. [talking over each other] tracy: i let my kids sleep outside. american airlines ground in eight of its jets after passenger seats came loose mid flight and two planes. stuart varney of "varney and company" on the fox business network joins us now. american is the ninth it but people are saying these union guys might have tinkered with the man made them loose on purpose. fhfa sabotage is a possibility. stuart: there's also the pilots are deliberately calling in sick frequently and calling in maintenance calls where they are not necessary but within the manual. what you have got is hundreds of canceled, thousands of delayed flights and a lot of people who do not wish to fly on american airlines. i hones
, up 17 cents state wide. 4.48 is the california average and in individual cities. it's as bad if not worse. ventura up. 4.53. l.a., up 9 cents in one night. 4.53 and in san francisco 16 cents higher at 4.59 we are going to talk to our buddy, the gas buddy, at the top of the hour. where has this been going. republican congressman kevin brady joins us from houston. this is friday, jobs report, you've seen the numbers, a sharp drop to 7.8%. i want your initial reaction to this. what do you think? >> you know, i think we're focused on the the wrong number. i think the jobs number. 114,000, extremely weak again, doesn't even keep pace with population growth. we ought to be 250,000 or 350,000 new jobs every month. this far out from the recession and if you look closely at the unemployment number, yes, more people went back to work, but the bulk of them, nearly 600,000, got only part-time jobs. they wanted full-time and they're getting part-time and that's a key reason that the unemployment number dropped and we don't want a part-time recovery. stuart: thank you for bringing that up.
to people looking at visiting the city. enter at your own risk. over the weekend 400 police officers passed out flyers saying because of cuts to the police force detroit is more dangerous and they say the cops are overworked, understaffed and fear their lives on a daily basis. that sending the wrong kind of message. doesn't it. reports of loose seats on american airlines flights, these are a few incidents, why would anyone fly american, they're at war with the unions. how will it hurt the company? we'll ask an airline expert at 10:45 this morning. as you know, earnings season kicks off tomorrow. alcoa is traditionally the first to report right after the bell tomorrow. some analysts think this is going to be the worst profit performance for three years by american kms. joining us now from portland, oregon, is keith fitz-gerald with money map press. and what do you make of it, suppose the analysts the great people are right, that it's the worst earnings season since 2009. does that mean the stock market is going to come down. >> you know, it should mean that the stock market is going to come
health of the market? >> i wrote a recent log that was titled the tale of two cities. what we have seen thus far, year to date, it has grown dramatically. what we have seen with the economy, it has contracted did it has pulled back from its highs. what we are looking at is is the stock market predicting where the market may be growing or has the stock market that we have seen then artificial and propelled by the stimulus. lori: will this be the catalyst if we do get earnings weaker than expected? >> i cannot see earnings being much more negative than we are anticipating right now. it could propel the market forward. we also have history on our side. in the last seven election years, when we see the stock market grow by 10% or more in the first three quarters, the fourth quarter has seen the stock market grow by an average of 6.3%. lori: just a comment on the sectors limit healthcare is one i like. they have been very resilient. lori: very good. thank you for your announcement. melissa: bad news for coffee drinkers out there. it appears j.m. smucker is running low. smokers said it is exp
. >>> one giant retailer giving same day delivery a shot in select cities. we have details coming next. liz: orasure in home over-the-counter hiv test hitting the store shelves today. one well-known celebrity spokesperson signed on. >> who, who? liz: we have orasure's vice president to tell us who it is straight ahead [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your hearis healthy enough for sex. do not take vgra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >> welcome back. some breaking news out of microsoft. microsoft putting out a release saying reed hastings, the ceo of netflix will not se
to business leaders to find out how the city turned itself around. we want to know. give us a preview. liz: is part of our fox business series open for business. how could cleveland not be? this is the place. i just landed and got to the ritz hotel and saw jimmy page in the elevator. i am kidding but this is the home of rock-and-roll. it is where the term rock-and-roll was coined but also where the traffic light was invented and the alkaline battery and a gas mask and electric light system. so much industry began here and so much is happening here. wait till you see what we are going to do the next two days. starting tomorrow through friday cleveland opened for business. we have got everybody in coming including we like to say he is a little bit country rock and roll. the tennessee billionaire in his first live interview he is giving as the new cleveland browns owner. can a guy with the tennessee spirit term the bad news bears' team around. we will talk about management and what to do about the coach and the president and i talked to the driver who said he started greeting fans during the
ripped through syria's largest city. the blast came within minutes of each other and hit close to a military officers club and hotel which housed pro government forces. the state department apparently stayed out of the dispute between contractors over security at the libyan consulate before the september 11th attack there. according to letters obtained exclusively by fox news, the company felt security provided by its operations partner was substandard. but the state department declined to be involved in bringing in a third party to improve the situation. and the next time you feel a cold coming on, you may want to rethink on loading up on vitamin d. researchers in new zealand found while the nutrient does boost the immune system, taking large doses does not appear to prevent colds. those are your news headlines on the fox business network. now back to dagen. dagen: thank you. will government regulation come up in tonight's debate? well, it's on the minds of some business people, including former bb&t ceo. i talked to him earlier at the commit forum on corporate responsibility
brown ordered the state to move to a winter blend sooner than normal. city of oakland getting ready to unveil a new foreclosure prevention plan aiming to assist those threatened with or in foreclosure to stay in their homes. initiative offering counseling, legal advice and outreach to banks. and it looks like hawaiian real estate prices are finally turning around. i let state fits in the nation with 8% year-over-year gain. according to the honolulu board of realtors: median sales price is up substantially for homes rising 1% per condo. average home price, $625,000. and that is your west coast minute. dennis: the guys who rise up, those are the ones who fell the hardest. but they keep on doing things and governments to raise the cost of doing business. gas is most expensive in the country because they have the most stringent regulations on emissions and constantly hammering business with well intended restrictions that raise costs for the consumers they are trying to protect. cheryl: they're trying to keep the air clean, a valiant cause, but at the same time you can't do that in an
for the general election, not the primary based in the city has to still rev up the primary. gerri: a long way to go. the tone and tenor of the campaign changing with jobs numbers which were shockingly positive. we discussed it earlier. let me read you some headlines from newspapers to how the media is treating this. the new york times. jobs reports bring unexpected good news. make his case easier. the washington post says president obama much-needed good news on jobs. the chicago, jobs report gives obama a much-needed boost. i have to tell you, on wall street people are picking apart these numbers with a fine tooth comb. a lot of people don't believe them. they think they have been massaged, managed and some white. is the media -- more evidence totally for obama? >> sure. i read the new york times assessment of, you know, the attacks as the book were cut. this is not political, this is a statistical. always. the numbers are volta, but it is not politics. look. this is an administration that has been lying about who killed our ambassador. they have released classified information to help the p
go "off the desk." before you send your k canine to the doghouse, a new york city hotel. dogs only hotel, beds, flat-screen tvs. do dogs watch tv? personal chefs and chauffeur service. the pup can use a fitness center. yes it has one. or indulge themselves at the spa. can you believe it? rooms start 79 bucks a night. and can go up as high as 200 bucks a night for the uber-suite, liz. liz: business roundtable is worried. number one thing to watch. private payroll report precedes the employment report. economists expect a gain of 143,000. down from last month's 201,000. number is looked at a clue what we may see in the employment report which is due ou
to be a radical and risky plan that was not properly stress tested before it was announced the public of city employees, vendors, the entire investment community. it has two elements. number one, he, like mr. lambert , have some disdain for the promotional and sale orientation of big box retailer like department stores. the fact is, those strategies can work, and i . to macy's into coals as examples of two chains that do a very effective and very profitable job using the strategies. the problem is not in the strategy but in the execution of the strategy. what he has now gone, as we have seen from the-20% results, he has left his customers behind. with the get them back? i just don't know. liz: j.c. penney down 8% year-over-year. there are companies that you think are doing it right, and you have been the chief financial officer years ago. you no luxury. you're picking three luxury names. [laughter] >> yes. at some great personal risk, yes. liz: that at all. people want to hear from insiders who have been in the business. >> i will say up front, not going to name any of the two companies that
. then the one, the president and mitt romney. this time foreign-policy. right nearby year. outside the city. new york.
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